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These are some of the projects we are supporting and currently being worked on at the Foundation:

We are currently working with James Madison University to identify projects which would benefit the students, the White House Farm Foundation and our knowledge of geology, biology, archeology and climatology in the Valley.

We have a 2400 square foot vegetable garden which we grow following old fashioned  practices of companion planting, no chemical herbicides or pesticides and a concentration of heirloom varieties which are sustainable for seed saving.

We have consulted with a local historian and apple grower who has planted an heirloom fruit orchard on the property with each variety representative of those which would likely have been grown at the White House or in the Shenandoah Valley in the 1700s and 1800s.

Check back often as we are currently identifying other exciting projects to enhance wildlife, native ecosystems, local history and culture, etc.

Header Photo Credit:  Jesse Judy, Luray, Virginia.  Morning dew on tulips and spiderweb at cemetary next to the White House Farm.  All rights reserved.